Allison Blizzard

I ask clients to provide 3 adjectives that describe their personality. Here are mine:


I am direct and respectful in my communication and actions.


I like to approach problems logically, which lets us see them as puzzles we can solve, not personal failings.


I am hellbent on enjoying life, so let's have fun!


For over 25 years, I led teams of various sizes, was responsible for multi-million dollar budgets, and regularly worked 60+ hours a week. At the same time, I raised kids, managed a household, assisted aging parents, and traveled the world for work and leisure. I was (and still am) quite proud of the success I achieved.

BUT the lack of sleep, all the grab-and-go food, and the endless hours of sitting at desks and on planes began to take its toll. I often felt exhausted, had more and more aches and pains, and increasingly not-so-great blood panels. Friends, family, and even doctors mostly just shrugged and said things like "well, that's just how it is getting older." For a while, I accepted this. 


In 2021, I'd had enough, and I began using my expertise in research and data analytics to find and implement simple, yet highly effective, healthy habits that really fit my interests, my lifestyle, and my work schedule. 

It turns out that regularly getting a good night's sleep, moving more, and eating more nutritious food truly can make an incredible impact. The hard part is making these into habits that withstand dynamic work and personal commitments, especially in leadership and entrepreneurial environments. So, I've focused additional research on best practices in habit formation. 


For me, integrating healthy habits into my crazy schedule has been life-changing:

This is why I founded The Blizzard Blueprint LLC. with the focus on helping other leaders integrate personalized healthy habits into their busy schedules so that they can feel freaking awesome in their work and personal life, too!